Our Companies

In May 2006, we completed the buyout of the IDG Ventures Europe portfolio of information technology companies in Europe.

Acacia Capital Partners Investments
Enterprise messaging software
London, UK
Mirics Semiconductor
RF semiconductor company
Hampshire, UK
Software Defined Silicon.
Bristol, UK
XMOS is a direct investment by the individual General Partners in Acacia
Lionhead Studios (Microsoft)
Electronic game development studio.
Guildford, UK
Lionhead was acquired by Microsoft in April 2006.
Solarflare Communications
High performance Ethernet connectivity.
Cambridge, UK/Sunnyvale, CA, USA
Solarflare merged with Level 5 Networks in April 2006
Mobile Music Service.
London, UK
Wireless messaging infrastructure.
London, UK
Empower was acquired by eServGlobal in March 2007.
Data management systems for the process manufacturing industry.
Dublin, Ireland
IT performance and monitoring solutions.
Paris, France
Clariteam was sold in July 2004
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