Founded in 1994, Automsoft is a leading global provider of advanced database software to process industries. Automsoft’s core product offering is RAPID, a suite of software applications designed to enable the creation of a best in class manufacturing operation. RAPID delivers a true picture of production operations in real time and works to deliver key business benefits such as process optimization. The RAPID product suite includes powerful data analysis and comparison tools that enable production data to be transformed into meaningful information.

Automsoft’s primary market focus is global pharmaceuticals. RAPID-Pharma, which was released in April 2001, is targeted exclusively at the pharmaceutical sector. Designed to assist companies achieve compliance with FDA regulations, it has been installed in five of the top twenty pharmaceutical companies. RAPID is also installed in Food, Oil and Gas, Utilities and Chemical sectors. RAPID-Food and RAPID-Oil and Gas are currently under development and scheduled for release in 2002.

Automsoft’s headquarters and software development activities are in Dublin with technical support, engineering, sales and marketing based in the United States, United Kingdom, and Ireland. Automsoft can be found on the web at

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