Founded in 2000, Shazam has developed patent pending technology in audio pattern recognition, which will be offered to mobile phone users as a music identification service that works with recorded music heard in pubs, clubs, cafes, cinemas, or on the radio. When people hear music they like, they simply dial Shazam's four-digit number, wait fifteen seconds, and then immediately learn the name of the track, album, and artist over their mobile phone and via text message. Consumers will also be able to buy CDs through the service. Shazam plans to work with potential mobile operator partners to drive premium call revenues. In addition to the consumer market, Shazam’s technology will also work for businesses in the field of royalty monitoring and music tracking. Angel investors include the former Chairman of EMI Group, the former Chairman of BMG UK/Ireland, the founder of Amazon UK, the co-founder of Liquid Audio, and the former Chief Technologist for British Telecom. Headquartered in London, Shazam is located online at

In August 2005, Shazam sold its royalty monitoring business to BMI Inc.

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